The cost of managing and operating complex security solutions, combined with difficulties in recruiting and retaining skilled staff, presents an increasing challenge to the modern organisation.

Shelde’s Extended SOC (ESOC) provides security solution management, security testing services and a staff augmentation capability to alleviate cost and continuity pressures while providing a tangible return on investment for your organisation’s security solutions.

Shelde’s ESOC services focus on the following areas:

  • SheldeCare – advanced remote monitoring services of security solutions combined with periodic onsite visits by SMEs to help ensure that security solutions are operating optimally and returning value to the business.
  • Periodic Security Testing – periodic penetration testing and vulnerability scanning by skilled testers to help identify and manage security risks across key information assets and critical infrastructure.
  • Static Code Analysis as a Service – the only Australian based cloud service which provides flexible pay-per-use access to Static Code Analysis services for identifying and managing vulnerabilities and risks in custom applications.
  • Staff Augmentation – flexible access to skilled SMEs to help manage staff absenteeism, unexpected resourcing challenges and skills shortages.

Shelde has recognised the key challenges of successfully managing security operations within an organisation. Shelde’s ESOC services focus on addressing the key challenges of:

  • Solution and Security Controls Management
  • Operational Resourcing
  • Recruitment
  • Staff Retention
  • Training and Development
  • Cost Management
  • Critical Incident Response