Implementing a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform is often one of the largest IT Security technology investments an organisation will make.

We’ve seen SIEM solutions grow from basic incident monitoring platforms to enterprise-grade business process monitoring and fraud detection solutions. We’ve also seen SIEM projects struggle for years on end and fail to deliver anything but the simplest of reporting capabilities.

SIEM is a complex technology – it is not a plug and play technology, and there is no magic solution!

Shelde are one of the very few organisations across the Asia Pacific region that specialise in the design, deployment, development and management of SIEM technologies. While vendors typically focus on selling and installing their technology solution, Shelde’s focus extends to the next level:

  • turning your security policy and compliance requirements into deliverable use cases
  • developing customised rules and content to support these use cases
  • on-boarding an extensive range of event sources (including network devices, security platforms, operating systems, databases and in-house custom applications).

Our extensive experience with SIEM technologies, including HP ArcSight, IBM QRadar and Splunk, enables Shelde to confidently deliver functioning use cases for our customers. Having on-boarded thousands of event sources, we are the experts in developing customised connectors and parsers to support almost any event source.